Photo: The River and the City

The river and the City

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Photo: London Bridge

Three exposures done with a Canon 7D, with basic tonemapping applied using the photomatix plugin for Aperture.

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Photo: Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Captured on a late afternoon using the Canon 550D. Three exposures with basic tonemapping applied using the photomatix plugin for Aperture.

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HDR photography

Last friday evening I had the pleasure of joining Trey Ratcliff, together with at least 50 other people, on his Photowalk at the Southbank in London.
Although I couldn’t stay for the whole time due to other plans, it was a really enjoyable experience. Thanks Trey! I also took it as an opportunity to finally start creating some HDR (or better tone mapped) images myself.
Some examples are embedded below. They have all been taken with a Canon 550D and merged together using teh Photmatix plugin for Aperture.

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Taking the GigaPan to Luxembourg

I recently went back home to Luxembourg and decided to actually take the GigPan Epic with me on the trip.
I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures, and the weather was also not helping, but I managed to create a couple of panoramas in Luxembourg City.
One of them is embedded below. Enjoy exploring the image.

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Apple Store – Covent Garden, London, Opening Day

As I am sure, everybody is well aware that Apple opened a new Store in London on Saturday. And It is an impressive store. One of the biggest Apple stores in the world.
Chris Pinnock and myself went there on Saturday morning to have a look around and take some pictures and Videos. I also took the opportunity to play around with an improvised Steadycam for the iPhone4.
The first video shows the result of a walk through the store with the iPhone4, and the second Video shows the actual Steadycam setup used to created the walkthrough.

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Four iPhones, side by side.

Chris and myself had a bit of fun putting the four generations of the iPhone side by side and compare them.
You can see the result below. Filmed with a Sony SR12 and edited using FinalCut Pro.
Music: “Superfluous Umbrella” by the brilliant Tyler Walker.

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iPhone4 Test Video, edited using iMovie on the phone

Below is really just a very quick test of the iPhone4 Video and picture quality. The short clip has been edited on the actual phone using iMovie for iOS4.

iPhone 4 – Sunny Day in London from Mike Hellers on Vimeo.

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DroidX and Iphone 4 Ad

Two completely different ads, released more or less on the same day. I wonder which one will actually help selling phones to a large audience? While at a technical level the DroidX is certainly very well done, it seems to target a very small group of people. The first iPhone4 ad clearly tries to target a much larger user base.

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Naked Bike Ride – London 2010

Every year, a large crowd of people join the Naked Bike Ride through London.
A man needs a Bicycle....

Naked Bike Ride – London 2010 from Mike Hellers on Vimeo.

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