Monthly Archives: August 2007 – new Video Podcasting site on it’s way

I am sure that regular listeners of TWiT already know Wil Harris. He is one of the regular panel members on TWiT, was until recently part of and also wrote a number of articles for the The Enquirer and … Continue reading

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The day Skype broke…

Since well over 24 hours, Skype is kind of broken. The official word on the Skype Website is indicating that it is is caused by a problem in the “networking software” used on the central Skype servers. The update from … Continue reading

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Latin Music and other fun at Burgess Park

Another nice weekend in London! The weather was wonderful and there is always something new to see in London. One of this weekends events was the Carnaval del Pueblo in Camberwell (next to Elephant and Castle in South London). It … Continue reading

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BBC iPlayer Beta – Working with Vista

After registering on the BBC website for their new VOD (Video On Demand) service called BBC iPlayer, I have received my account details today. I new already that I would most likely have issues actually using it, since my machines … Continue reading

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