Adding a camera and TFT Display to a RaspberryPi

Time for some more Raspberry PI fun.

With the recent release of the official camera module for the Raspberry Pi, it made sense to also find a nice little TFT display to the little box.

The display I chose is a pre-made SPI interface board created and sold by one of the forum users. It costs only 16£, and works perfectly. You can find details about the board and display here:

Getting the camera and the display to work at teh same time was a bit of a challenge, but for the first time in many years I compiled a Linus kernel again…and to make it perfect, I did the whole process on the Raspberry, even though it requires a bit of patience, it worked perfectly.

Anyway, with the display installed and working, I needed a new case for it, and once more having a 3D printer saves the day. A quick redesign of an OpenSCAD based case from thingiverse, and a bit of measuring followed by printing, and it was done.

raspberry-display-cameraThe little case for the camera module is also from Thingiverse.

The next step will be to change the case design a bit more and directly integrate the camera module into the case, making it a small little system.

I have a number of ideas of what to do with the finished system..i.e. an integrated and standalone Timelapse camera comes to mind straight away.

You can find the current version of my case at Thingiverse.



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