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Adding a camera and TFT Display to a RaspberryPi

Time for some more Raspberry PI fun. With the recent release of the official camera module for the Raspberry Pi, it made sense to also find a nice little TFT display to the little box. The display I chose is … Continue reading

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3D printing: iPhone5 adapter for the ElevationDock – Updated

Many months ago I backed the ElevationDock kickstarter project. It promised to deliver the iPhone Dock which Apple should have done. Originally it was scheduled to be shipped in April, but as with so many Kickstarter projects the actual shipping … Continue reading

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3D Printing: Improved case for the Triggertrap v1

One of the many Kickstarter projects which I spend money on was the Triggertrap. It is a rather different and very versatile remote camera trigger. Beside the usual intervalometer features, it can be triggered by design through sound thresholds, light/laser … Continue reading

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