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Hosting Gigapan images on your own server

Over the last couple of days I have played around a bit with the backend of how the server side of hosting the Gigapan images is working. I was interested in two different topics: What is the best way to … Continue reading

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Form 5090

As most of you know, I am spending a bit of time these days taking pictures in and around London. And I can now add myself to the list of people who ave been stopped by the police under Section … Continue reading

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Panorama: Canary Wharf by night

I finally made my first attempt at shooting a high resolution panoramic image during the evening. Regular visitors will recognize the view of Canary Wharf already. It was unfortunately rather windy outside, causing the camera to not be always as … Continue reading

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London Millwall Inner Dock Panorama

As always, enjoy. View of Millwall Inner Dock towards Canary Wharf Panorama size: 877 megapixels (59295 x 14798 pixels) Input images: 154 (22 columns by 7 rows) As always, you can find the complete list of my panoramas here.

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Gigapan images on your iPhone

Last december Microsoft released an iPhone version of Seadragon, which is a viewer for Deep Zoom images. By default, Seadragon can not be used to view GigaPan images, but thanks to Daniel Gasienica, this is now different. Daniel released GigaPan … Continue reading

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Canary Wharf panorama

Here is another GigaPan Panorama. This time it is a view of Canary Wharf taken from the Milwall Docks yesterday. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not perfect to take a panorama due to the fact that the clouds were moving … Continue reading

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