Hosting Gigapan images on your own server

Over the last couple of days I have played around a bit with the backend of how the server side of hosting the Gigapan images is working. I was interested in two different topics: What is the best way to embed the images into an existing website, and second: Can I host a Gigapan image completely on my own servers without using any of the hosted services.

There are several (some better, some less good) methods to embed the Gigapan images on your own website, but I won’t go into details here (might do that in a later post). The reason for these post is mainly to test hosting a Gigapan image on my own server.

The below picture is hosted locally on my own server:
[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”250″ width=”530″ /]

Open in pop-up window

Click here to open it up in full windows size for a better experience.

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