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GigaPan Panorama: Trier, Germany

Looking down over Trier in Germany (near the Border to Luxembourg) from the top of Markusberg near the Mariensaeule. Panorama size: 3044 megapixels (131768 x 23104 pixels) Input images: 315 (35 columns by 9 rows) Equipment: GigaPan Epic Pro, Canon … Continue reading

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GigaPan Panorama: Echternach, Luxembourg

Captured during a recent weekend trip back home to Luxembourg. Panorama size: 3340 megapixels (128112 x 26072 pixels) Input images: 374 (34 columns by 11 rows) Open in pop-up window

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Taking the GigaPan to Luxembourg

I recently went back home to Luxembourg and decided to actually take the GigPan Epic with me on the trip. I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures, and the weather was also not helping, but I managed … Continue reading

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Alternative to the Gigapan Epic?

Over the last weeks I have played around with a different robotic camera head. The reason is the ongoing issue with the Gigapan Epic to hold heavier cameras. I really want to be able to use the Canon 500D with … Continue reading

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Gigapan – Blackwall basin

Yet another Gigapaixel panoramic image for the collection. Taken from Trafalgar Way looking over Blackwall Basin towards the O2. Click the image to open the viewer.

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Where’s Willis. The story behind the creation of a 2.6 gigapixel image of Londons Southbank

People who are following my blog on a regular basis have without any doubt noticed that I have somehow become fascinated by gigapixel panoramas over the past couple of months. A few weeks ago, SkyMovies contacted me asking if I … Continue reading

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Hosting Gigapan images on your own server

Over the last couple of days I have played around a bit with the backend of how the server side of hosting the Gigapan images is working. I was interested in two different topics: What is the best way to … Continue reading

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Panorama: Canary Wharf by night

I finally made my first attempt at shooting a high resolution panoramic image during the evening. Regular visitors will recognize the view of Canary Wharf already. It was unfortunately rather windy outside, causing the camera to not be always as … Continue reading

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London Millwall Inner Dock Panorama

As always, enjoy. View of Millwall Inner Dock towards Canary Wharf Panorama size: 877 megapixels (59295 x 14798 pixels) Input images: 154 (22 columns by 7 rows) As always, you can find the complete list of my panoramas here.

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