Four iPhones, side by side.

Chris and myself had a bit of fun putting the four generations of the iPhone side by side and compare them.
You can see the result below. Filmed with a Sony SR12 and edited using FinalCut Pro.
Music: “Superfluous Umbrella” by the brilliant Tyler Walker.

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12 Responses to Four iPhones, side by side.

  1. JasonG says:

    Can you now do a similar test where you show the signal drop when taking each device in hand 🙂

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  5. tofu says:

    ..i am a chinese.

    i am very like this video..

    can you give me the music of the video?

    if ok..

    send to my EMAIL

    thank you so much..

  6. mike says:

    You can find and download the song (and other of his great tracks) at Tyler’s website:

  7. tofu says:

    thank you for your reply…

    i’m already got it..

    your video is very cool..

    i like it..

    chinese clock is 14 o’clock…

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  9. IrinaWylder@Kotaku says:

    I was not aware that Apple had made a 4G phone yet. ;] The typo aside, it was nice to see a real hands-on speed test between the devices, but can I assume that they are all updated to the latest OS for each model?

    The 3GS is a bit funky running 4 and 4.0.1, will you guys repeat this sort of test after the 4.1 OS has been released? I read there are significant (From Apple, that means minor) improvements in Phone operating speed and app loading speeds.


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