Best security sign ever!

I found this sign recently on a wall here at the Isle of Dogs/London.

You really have to love the Brits and their fantastic sense of humour! When I first looked at the sign, while passing by in the bus, I only saw that the “Anti climbing device” was treated with Anthrax!

Only at the second view I read the last line of the sign..I love it.

Security Sign

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31 Responses to Best security sign ever!

  1. Lisa Short says:

    Very funny warning.
    Good to see positive will to protect the people who might want to climb this wall.

  2. subcorpus says:

    no body would dare climb that wall …
    hehehe …

  3. noway says:

    ahahah …. i saw it when i was there !!! …. LOVE IT !

  4. Matt Jones says:

    Thats where the terrorits got the whole anthrax idea..

  5. DAVE ID says:

    Awesome sign. Who said the brits had no sense of humor? 😀

  6. antics says:

    watch out, its a bomb! oh wait, its not in boston…phew its ok, its just a wall

  7. dominic says:

    thats what we need on our borders

  8. lool.. that’s hilarious! 🙂

  9. Ant says:

    haha – I saw this while I was on the bus. I had to do a double take when it registered what i was reading! i couldn’t take my camera phone out quick enough as my bus pulled away…… 🙁

  10. mike says:

    If you put up that sign in the US you’d be laughing all the way to Gitmo.

  11. Cory Doctorow says:

    I love ham

  12. David says:

    That sign said something different when I passed by that same place in December.

  13. Tarun Juneja says:

    Mind Blowing

  14. David Greiman says:

    Nice one!

  15. tdous says:

    “Who said the brits had no sense of humor?” no one as far as I’m aware.

    Though to be fair, it has been declining since we started important US comedy-by-numbers.

  16. tdous says:

    “importing” that is..

  17. What about the crazy sharp metal stuff – get tangled up in that and you wouldn’t be laughing 🙂

  18. Drezta says:

    i would but i’m British so…

  19. Ubangi Gonzolas says:

    I could survive the anthrax but who could survive a British sense of humor?

  20. BiggAl says:

    I don’t think they’d be laughing if they were got by the anthrax…

  21. DigiTips says:

    Love it, great post. I have included the article on our magazine site, with full credit to you of course, thanks!

  22. Steev says:

    “Who said the brits had no sense of humor?”

    Well no-one, apart from this one American (alleged) geek half-wit called David, who’s got this really crap blog… Oh, it’s you! Amazing co-incidence…

  23. atomic says:

    love the way they share the love t:)

  24. Haha good stuff. I love whoever photographed it

  25. minion says:

    on the balustrade of windsor castle is a sign with “treated with anti-climbing paint” 😉 seems to be popular in the uk

  26. Chas says:

    The brits do have a sense of humor.

    Remember when………………

  27. Ryan Lwin says:

    lol this should be all over U.S border. damn. bush can’t think of anything except how to milk a cow.

  28. dave from oz says:

    “Who said the brits had no sense of humor?”

    no one. in fact many people say that British humour is funnier than american humour.

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