MacOSX – Leopard launch – Apple Store London

I went to the Apple Store in London (Regent Street Store) tonight after work to pick up my copy of the new OS as soon as it became available..and also maybe to get a free T-shirt.

The store closed at 16h00, I guess mainly to allow them to upgrade all of the machines at display in the store to Leopard. I arrived in front of the store at 17h15, and I was expecting to see some people standing in the queue already. Well, yes, that was definitely the case..the queue went already around the whole block!

After having some fun in the queue, especially answering to all those people who passed by asking what we are queuing for, I finally made it into the store at around 18h15. The store was obviously already filled with people, but it was still easy to get my copy of MAC OSX from one of the many apple employees with they hand-held devices, allowing quick and easy credit card sales.

Every single Computer in the store was of course running Leopard already! In the theatre area, one could assist a basic introduction to the new features. But all in all, the most amazing experience was the number of people in the store taking pictures, filming etc…I guess YouTube, Flickr and many blogs will be filled with pictures and Videos covering this.

Well, here is my part…

And yes, I got a free T-shirt..actually even two.

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