The O2 – Formerly known as The Dome


When I came home this evening, the view out of my apartment had slightly changed. Tomorrow¬† is the official opening day of “The O2”, most people still know it as the dome, build for the millenium festivities, and mostly empty ever since..but that is about to change.

The dome has been converted into one of the biggest entertainment centers in the UK. It includes a main arena, with place for over 20’000 people, which is surrounded (still within the dome) by samller hall (the indigO2), a multiplex Cinema, a number of restaurants and bars.

Opening act tomorrow will be Bon Jovi, followed by a number of high profile acts over the coming months. Anyway, as the above picture shows, for the first time, the new lightning of the building can be seen. Goos to see live come back to one of the landmarks of London!

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