Die Fantastischen Vier


I went to see "Die Fantastischen Vier" tonight at the Forum in Kentish Town, and I have to say that I haven't been disappointed at all! It was great fun! Nearly 2 hours incredible fun! Although it was a bit weird to be surrounded only by German speaking people (kind of expected this). It was actually rather funny to see the guys on stage speaking English 😉 Anyway, I can only recommend to go and see them live! The fact that their only gig here in the UK was in a rather small venue made it even better. Although, the Forum isn't that smal. The concert was initially planned at the Mean Fiddler, which is much smaller, but was sold out within a short period of time, and as a consequence they moved to the Forum, which was also packed with people! Great fun! I will upload some more pictures and short clips in the coming days.

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