Classical Spectacular


I went to see my first major concert since I moved to London. It was actually pure luck that I even became aware of it. While walking around London, I saw posters for an event at the Royal Albert Hall called "Classical Spectacular". Well, once I was home, and read more about it on the web, I decided to buy tickets for the Friday evening show. And I did not regret it. It was really spectacular. Nice selection of famous classical songs, combined with a rather nice light show, and all of it in the really spectacular Royal Albert Hall. I certainly enjoyed it, although I have to say that I was feeling a bit weird when the whole of the Royal Albert Hall was singing "Land of Hope and Glory" and "Rule Britannia" while waving flags. Rather unusual. Clearly showed that there were mainly local people in the audience and not too many tourists. A good start into what should be only the first of many events in London.

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