26C3: Street Photography – Das Recht am eigenen Bild

Over the last days, the annual CCC congress (Chaos Computer Club) (26th Chaos Communication Congress) happened in Berlin. As every year, it is an event that should not be missed.
Most of the presentations have been streamed live.

Most of the topics were in one way or the other linked to privacy and technology. This was not different for the presentation from Axel Schmidt, titled “Das Recht am eigenen Bild und das Ende der “Street Photography”

During the first half of the presentation he is covering the day to day live of a press photographer, while the second half focuses more on the issues of Street photography. Certainly an interesting topic.
You can download a capture of the Live stream on a number of sites, but to make it easier, I created a flash version of the capture and added it below for the ease of viewing.

The presentation is done in German.

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