BBC HD on Freeview on your PC


I spend some time recently to find out how I could receive BBC HD (High Definition) over Freeview on my Vaio MediaCenter PC. Although the process of getting it to work is not really straightforward, it is certainly worth the effort. I managed to do it using DVBViever, PowerDVD7 H.264 codecs and AC3 filter. Unfortunately it seems that even a Core2 Duo 6300 is not fast enough to stream it without problems. But it is possible to record the stream and play it back without too many problems. I guess I will continue to play around with it , but I guess without a faster CPU, I will be stuck with non perfect quality. Anyway, well worth the time to give it a try. Oh, yes, there is obviously one limitation: You need to live in an Area with very good reception from the Cristal Palace Transmitter, since at the moment, this is the only transmitter which carries the BBC HD channel.

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