RaspberryPI: Bringing a weatherstation online

I don’t think there is any need to explain what a RaspberryPI is? As simple but very cheap small computer. he size of a deck of cards and costing 30£. It is USB powered and provides among other ports an Ethernet port.
Well, my first use of one of the little devices is to capture the data from a cheap USB weather station (£50 at Maplin), format the data, generate some nice graphs and push it online to my website.

You can find the full and updated result at weather.mikehellers.com

If there is interest, I will provide the full details of the setup in a later post.

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  1. Lucas Toledo says:

    Dear Mike,
    My brother, who works in a farm, has asked me to how to build a raspberry pi weather station.
    How hard was it to get it up and running?
    Before I agree to give him a hand, I think it would be good to know how much effort it takes.
    Your project looks really need and very exciting.

    What distro did you use? What is difficult to wire everything together?
    Did you use a wifi dongo or did you have to set up a proper internet connection?

    Any answer to any of this questions will be much appreciated.

    Well done on setting up your very own weather station.

    Kind regards,

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