Seal, yes, a Seal in the Docklands in London

On my way back home from work I normally walk along the West India Docks at Canary Wharf. A nice, quiet and scenic path along the dock. Well, tonight, it was rather special, I couldn’t really believe what I saw. Yes, there is a seal swimming in the water. A rather unusual animal to be seen in London. After swimming around for a few minutes it disappeared again under water.
Since I very often carry a small camera with me, I took the opportunity to take a few shots of it. Enjoy.

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52 Responses to Seal, yes, a Seal in the Docklands in London

  1. Becky says:

    See Sammy today still with the same plastic piping lovely looking seal and makes my day everytime me and my family see him my daughter loves him

  2. Akos says:

    We saw the seal yesterday around 13.25 in Millwall Inner Dock she was playing with the plastic pipe. It was an amazing sight, she was just 3 meters away from us!

    I found an article about Sammy however the seal we saw looked bigger than this one on the pictures:

    Probably she put on some weight 🙂

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